Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Advantages Of White Girl Cornrows - Cornrow Photos for White Girls

Photo of white girl cornrows.
White girl cornrows hairstyle.

Hair can be joined together to form lines going either straight behind, or in a certain design, this style is called cornrows. The blacks mainly do this style but white girl cornrows also looks very good. The one thing is they have to be done by an expert.

With soft kind of hair like for a white girl, the lines tend to come out more easily. To ensure the lines last longer they can be done in such a way that the hair held together in a line is not much. This way they will not come off easily and they are better looking.

Cornrows are also useful to someone who does not have long hair and wants to put on a wig, The hair is done is lines before putting on the wig to prevent the wig appearing big. And the hair will definitely be neat inside as the cornrows are normally very neat. To young girls, the cornrows can be made more stylish by doing two separate hives of several lines at the top of the head and decorating them with colorful hair bands. The bands can be of the same color as the dress.

There are many things a white girl can achieve by making cornrows compared to their natural hair. The cornrows do not require attention every morning as one does not need to do anything to the cornrows. When one wants to just lazy around the house, these can be a good hairstyle to wear.

Lose of hair is not much when one has cornrows since there is no hair pulling everyday to ensure they are neat. So the hair gets a deserved rest with this style. The other good thing with cornrows is that your scalp gets refreshed since the lines leave space in between to expose the scalp. This cannot be achieved when the hair is not tied together in lines.

The other thing is that you cannot get many white girls spotting this kind of look. So for someone who wants to set herself aside in terms of hairstyle, this one can do. This hairstyle is very unique, it is not your everyday kind of style, is will surely make you get noticed.

Pictures of Cornrow Hairstyles for White Girls:

Picture of blonde cornrow hair.
Blonde cornrow hair

Photo of long cornrow hairstyle.
Long cornrow hairstyle

Image of decorated blonde cornrow.
Decorated blonde cornrow

Photo of long blonde cornrow hairstyle for girls.
Long blonde cornrow hairstyle for girls

Image of a white girl with long cornrow.
A white girl with long cornrow

Picture of red cornrows hair.
Red cornrows hair

Photo of tied cornrows.
Tied cornrows

White girl with long cornrows hair.
Long cornrow for girls.


  1. Yeah fuck this wigger bullshit. It's completely degrading, I don't even know how someone could be this fucking stupid.

  2. I can't believe someone like you would degrade White people like this by putting them on a blog like this for people to look at them with ugly and hideous hair like this.. I don't know who you are, but I am completely lost of words right now, These girls have naturally straight and moist hair, I don't know why they would want to give themselves Afro-Centric hair it is a complete disgrace, Black girls would die to have completely straight and moist hair, I don't know what is wrong with these girls they have genetically moist and straight hair because they're White. They probably are going through the White guilt complex that was invented to put Whites down and make them feel ashamed of wearing anything Eurocentric.

  3. Geez dude. Did a black guy rape you when you were a child or something? Its just a fucking hairstyle.

  4. Wow these are really pretty! I am a white woman in college, I've had cornrows twice and they're so convenient. I don't have to take care of getting my hair done all the time I have more time for science (I'm a bio major, life is hectic)

    Thanks for posting these! Those girls are adorable!

  5. I'm a 36 white female and my grand father was the first person who braided my hair when I was about 10 years old. He didn't do cornrows, he did individual straight braids, with colorful rubber bands, then braided the ponytail and rubber banded it again. As a young child growing up after that I had yearned to get it done again but could never know where to have it done at. I also had created my own hair style with my personal stylist. I had the short cut on one side and angled to the other side longer. I wore bows in front, on top of my head. I also had a front tail, where there was a real long strand of hair in the front and the rest of the hair is cut short and evenly. I guess I also wanted to be different and not like every one else. I have shown my children the hairstyles during my age of growing up and how history repeats itself and everyone becomes a product of their environment. I have to be honest. I am typing this right now, with my hair braided in cornrows. My girlfriend does it for me. I don't care the style, just keep it out of my face, less maintenance, causes issues in the work place, more stereo types and demonstrates people's ignorance of racism in their hearts. It is a hairstyle of African decent, however, if the white people are willing to go and pay to have it done to their hair then why should you care? Obviously,there are white people who like to pay for their hair to get braided!!! I personally find it relaxing to get it done. I do like the convenience of having it braided, as a mother, wearing a lot of hats, every minute counts. I tell people I like being able to wake up like a guy, wash, get dressed, and GO!! I think the amount of time is needed to get it done, is worth the time you can keep that hair style in your hair. There are styles that stay in your hair for up to thirty days or more. I like the sea shells, beads, and different colors. Racism needs to DIE!! People compliment me on it!! There are some black people who don't like it too!! It does cause issues at work, and I have worn my hair braided to work. I didn't get fired, I did cause attention, nothing negative happened. I would like to post of my hair styles. I have not taken pics of them all but do have some. I also have braided my own children's hair, my son and daughter's with beads, pony tail, barrettes.

  6. This looks disgusting. My coworker recently had this hairstyle and it makes her look ghetto. Well, she's also a "sneakerhead" so that wasn't much of a shock. If you want a hairstyle that's easy to maintain, just cut it short.

  7. Why all the hate? It's just a hairstyle. Who cares if it is from African decent? White Americans were the ones who forced African Americans into feeling like that had to have "white people hair" just so they could get a job and have a better lifestyle way back in the days of slavery, but it has carried on ever since. There is no reason a European, Asian, Indian, etc., woman can't have a black hairstyle or vice versa. That's ridiculous. Cornrows are convenient! You don't have to spend an hour on your hair. There is nothing wrong with wanting convenience. Just because YOU think it looks bad, doesn't meany everyone thinks the same way. Quit being judgmental. It's not like they are forcing YOU to wear cornrows. They aren't FORCING you to look at them or to look at this blog. Such blatant racism. Get over it.

  8. i cant believe racism towards blacks is still so strong for some apparently very wrongly informed people. First off braids period are not a solely a black person hair style, if you live in the US and don't know that you are one very unenlightened person. You know those people whose land we took over...ya know they used to live here before the "white men"...Indians. They braided and cut their hair in all different styles, they braids clothing parts, they braids all kinds of things all ways. And guess who else wore braids Vikings hundreds of years ago and vikings were white in case you didn't know. So now that you see braids are not strictly a black custom or hair style. i am white i do not have moist straight hair in the slightest and a lot of white women do not have moist straight hair, if we did there would not be 5 million white people hair products that all say on the front something about adding moisture, and if our hair was straight we wouldn't be using hair straighteners, almost every white female i know owns and uses a hair straightener. So take your little racist self and go jump off a cliff or off yourself some other way to rid the world of your close minded stupidity.

  9. Cornrows look beautiful on little girls, black or white... However, I'm quite disappointed in the overall tone of this blog.

  10. Stumbled on his blog. Good lord, it's just hair! Why all the vitriol? I think the style is really cute on young white girls. My college-age daughter did cornrows over one summer while travelling for ease of care. She liked the style so much she kept it for quite awhile during the school year. She's been out of school for several years working. She braids her hair every April or May and keeps it until Thanksgiving or Christmas, so she has the braids for 9-10 months of the year. My wife never liked it but I thought it looks terrific on her. She is darker skinned, dark eyes and her hair is jet black, it gives her an exotic ethnic look. To each her own..